Top: Zumiez
Jacket: Forever 21 (similar here)
Jeans: Pacsun (similar here)
Shoes: Converse
Sunglasses: Forever 21 (similar here & here)

They’re baaaaack! Remember how in my last post I wore these jeans and I said that I would basically be wearing them everyday… Well I was being completely honest and here they are again in all their denim glory. And to continue with this transparency, I’ve probably worn them at least four or five different times since my last post, but how can I not! I mean, look at them! They’re perfect! But enough about the jeans from heaven themselves, let’s talk about this uber trendy Thrasher tee and how I’m dressed like a character in Stranger Things (probably one of the boys) lol. I’ve always wanted a Thrasher tee, but could never get my hands on one so when my best friend came back from this summer with hers I absolutely had to give it a go and see if I was down with the skater girl trend (the verdict: I AM); and now that I have gotten to wear this gem, I can’t help but want to go buy this same shirt/print in every color made. This being said, I’ve seen a baby pink tee, a gray, and an army green which are all colors I enjoy wearing. I’m excited to acquire them all! I decided to pair this look with a classic outfit and go the denim route as nothing pairs better with mom jeans than a nice distressed denim jacket and some converses. I felt like the skater girl that I’m not and just super retro. Then for some finishing touches I wore my hair in these tight light curls that were reminiscent of Shirley Temple and one of my faves, Nazanin Mandi; as well as these sci-fi-esque transparent yellow, cat-eye sunglasses. I’ve been dying to wear them with an outfit, but for some reason I could never find a look that really hit the mark like this one did. Overall, I absolutely love this look as it was different than anything I’ve ever tried and I really feel like I executed it beautifully. I can’t wait to experiment more with my outfits and my hairstyles to see what vibes I can create! Maybe I’m on to something! 😉

x Navi J.


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