DRESS | Forever 21

JACKET | Forever 21

SHOES | Forever 21 (similar here)

CHOKER | Forever 21 (similar here)


Hey hey! So today I wanted to share with you all this one brand look that could be worn dressed up, like shown here, or dressed down for something much more casual. But because I’m extra I decided to put together this classy little number and add my favorite distressed denim jacket over top. I think the jacket gives this look a bit more of an edge which is something I like to see in my outfits. The best thing about this dress is that it’s so freakin comfortable! I definitely plan on wearing this dress with some sneakers and a baseball cap for chill everyday look. This dress will absolutely be a new staple in my closet and I don’t even wear dresses that often.

On another note, I’ve been getting a lot of questions as to how I got my hair like this as it’s not normal quite this big. And to be honest I didn’t do much different than usual. My non wash day curly hair routine consists of me putting in a bit of conditioner on damp or wet hair and then cornrowing my hair. Then once all my braids are done, I take perm rods and curl up my ends so that all of my hair can have a nice even curl. Eventually when I take my hair out I usually go in with my fingers and fluff up my hair at the root so it will give it some volume, but for this look I didn’t have to do much of that. I actually love my hair this big and voluminous so I was super excited when I took out my braids and saw how big my hair looked. Hopefully next time I can recreate this look!

I hope you enjoyed this post! It was more in the flow of my old stuff which I feel allowed for me to connect with some of you guys!

x Navi J


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Kelsea says:

    Bitch work that big hair it is fabulous ❤

    1. Navia Jordan says:

      Thank you Kelsea! ♥️♥️

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