Summer 16


Hey there beauties! I know it has been almost a year since my last post, but I couldn’t bear going another minute without sharing a little update on how life has been. I’ve missed you all terribly and I can’t believe I went this long without writing to you all! Summer is coming to a close for me as I’m going back to school very soon, but I absolutely had to post before I may or may not go awol again.

For this post I thought I would give you all a bit of an Instagram update on how things have been going in my life. Hopefully this post won’t be too long as a lot of time has passed, but I’ll do my best. I’m trying to prepare a lot of stuff within the next couple of weeks so that I can at least post once a month or so, but I won’t know just yet.

Anyways, enough of the chatter. Let’s get into the good stuff!

August 2015: My trip to Paris and first college course! So at my college the freshman class takes a trip to Paris for a study abroad course! It was so much fun visiting all the different historical landmarks! I would love to go back and visit again!

arc de triomphe

October 2015: Happy Halloween! The most fun costume party ever! My friend (on the right) and I dressed in our 90s hip hop getup! I wore my T.U.K. creepers and I’m ashamed to say they got super muddy and I have yet to clean them… Don’t judge me lol


January 2016: First college gymnastics meet! I am so glad to have experienced being a collegiate athlete and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! It’s great that I have another 3 years to go with my fantastic Ladies!

meet 1

April 2016: First time going to USAG Nationals and first time scoring a 9.9! Like my Instagram caption, “blessings on blessings…”, I really can’t express how grateful I am to have made it that far in just one year. All the struggles and hardships paid off and I am so glad that I got to go to Nationals my freshman year.


May 2016: Finally finished with my freshman year of college; 3 more to go! ps. My grades were looking good y’all 🙂


June/July 2016: Hola Summer 16!


So this was a quick little update of everything that I have been up to in the last year! Keep your eyes peeled for more posts on my personal style and trending topics coming very soon! Love you all and I promise next time I go missing it won’t be for such a long time!

xo Navi J


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