End of Summer Wishlist


There are a few things I’ve been coveting lately, so I figured I would share them. Hope you enjoy this short and sweet Sunday post!

1. Sweater Knit Cami

2. Ribbed Knit Crop Top

3. Ribbed Varsity-Stripe Crop Top

4. Ribbed Crop Top

5. Tie-Neck Boxy Top

6. Denim Button-Down Shirt

7. Pins and Needles Lace Halter Bra

8. Silence + Noise Side-Snap Sweater Skirt

9. Nagsia PVC Mini Skirt

10. Halterneck Bodysuit Black

11. Lace Up Bodysuit Black

12. Bandanas & Hats

Okay, I think I’ve covered everything! It’s quite a bit, but when you’re obsessed with clothes and all things fashion it is bound to stay this way. lol What’s on your wishlist? Are you always coveting loads of fashion bits?

Anyways, have a great and productive week! Stay happy and stay positive. Love y’all bunches!

x Navia


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