Seven Looks Seven Days – Outfit Two

Day 2(1) Day 2(2) Day 2(3) Day 2(4) Day 2(5)

Dress – H&M (similar here) | Jacket – Forever 21 (similar here) | Wedges – Forever 21


I’ve made it to Monday! This look was soooo much fun for me! I didn’t actually get to go out, but while I was sorting my closet I came across this dress that my sister bought from H&M (don’t tell her I still have it, lol).. After my findings I immediately pulled together this outfit. Why not have fun in my closet if I can’t have fun out with friends? Not quite the same, but fun is fun 🙂 Once again, I’ve put my hair up in a curly bun as I am wayyyyyyy to lazy to thoroughly go through my hair routine. Lately I’ve been curling my hair a bit and then slopping it up in this mess, but I like it so all is well. Also, I find that this hairstyle is perfect for this hot summer! And my activities (or lack thereof)!

Anyways, what do you guys think? How have you all been spending your summer?


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