How To Wear the 70s Trend

Hey everyone! So sorry that I haven’t posted in what feels like forever but it has been so crazy on my side of things πŸ™‚ This past Thursday I graduated high school and am finally able to start the next chapter in my life! To celebrate this great accomplishment I luckily got to spend loads of quality time with my family and friends. I am so grateful for the time that I get to spend with everyone and all the well wishes!

But on to the real reason for this post: my last post in my ‘How To’ series! This is the one that I’ve been waiting for as it is truly my favorite trend for 2015. The 70s are back baby! *victory dance* Even though I obviously wasn’t around for this inspiring era, I absolutely love the vibes I get when I bring out my 70s fashion. I am obsessed!

So lets begin! For this post I’ve included two outfits: one for a very casual outing and the other for something a little more formal. For these looks I decided to use some of the same pieces, specifically this adorable striped top from Topshop that I have been tripping over since I ordered it a couple weeks ago πŸ™‚ Also, I don’t know if I mentioned it, but I recently purchased my 3rd pair of Dr. Marten boots (pictured below). I’ve wanted this exact pair for almost a year so I finally decided to bite the bullet and get them and now they are my babies! *insert heart eyes emoji here* I originally bought this top specifically for these boots, but now that I’ve worn it I can’t help but pair it with everything I get my hands on, from jean shorts to a variation of skirts. I love it!

DSC_0665 (2)

DSC_0655 (2) DSC_0652 (2)

DSC_0666 (2)

DSC_0651 (2)

DSC_0649 (2)

DSC_0650 (2)

TOP: Topshop (similar here & here) | SHORTS: Romwe | BOOTS: Dr. Martens

I really love the 70s trend, not because it’s a trend, but mainly due to the fact that it resonates so well with the way I’ve always dressed (at least in my head) hah. I’ve always been super fond of this style, but now that it is finally coming to stores makes me overjoyed! The excitement I feel when buying items that once were insanely hard to find is over the moon πŸ™‚

Alright let me stop before I start balling my eyes out, lol.

So for this next look I am wearing, once again, my Topshop top, but instead of pairing it with my lovely denim shorts I chose my denim skirt from American Apparel for a similar look, but a little less casual. I paired this with my suede boots that I bought from Forever 21 oh so long ago and I love them even more with each wear. I find that denim is one of my favorite pieces to style as it can transition from casual to dressy in a snap of a finger πŸ™‚ I really hope that this trend sticks around for a while longer!

image 4 (2)

image 8 (2)

image 3 (2)

image 2 (2)

image 6 (2)

image 5 (2)

booty pic (2)

SKIRT: American Apparel | BOOTIES: Forever 21 (similar here & here)

Ahhhh! I can’t get enough of these looks! What do you guys think? Do you think the 70s trend is going to stick around?

x Navia

ps. Outfit two photo creds: Amelia Bailey // Thanks babes! You’re an awesome photographer! πŸ™‚

pps. I’ve tried something different with my hairstyle for outfit one. What do you guys think? I think I’m loving it! (Like McDonalds, lol)


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