Celebrity Style Inspiration

Hola! Today I thought it would be great to break up my ‘How To’ series and pop in a post about where I draw my style inspiration from. If you follow me on Instagram then you definitely know that I love Rihanna’s style and basically everything else about her 🙂 But since I don’t ever mention much else, I figured I would extend it further and share more with you all. (And although I am inspired by other bloggers looks, that is not what this post is about sooooo, yeah) lol.

Anywhooo, I already mentioned Rihanna, but I also love how Kylie Jenner dresses as I can identify with how her style varies, from super girly to super edgy.

Kylie Jenner 1 Kylie Jenner 2

Kylie Jenner 4 Kylie Jenner 5

Kylie Jenner 3

*I pulled all images straight from Instagram | @KylieJenner


Next is Zendaya 🙂 I love her overall style as it goes from sporty to girly vibes. Obviously I’m wayyyy shorter than her, but a girl can dream, lol.

Zendaya 1 Zendaya 2

Zendaya 3

Zendaya 4 Zendaya 5

*All images are straight from Instagram | @Zendaya


Now we are up to my personal favorite: Rihanna! I don’t have any specific way to describe the way she dresses, but I absolutely love it all.

Rihanna flannel rihanna open coat

rihanna blue jacket Rihanna Inspo

rihanna boots

*All images found via Google and Instagram | @Badgalriri


I hope you guys like my celebrity style inspiration post as much as I do! Where/who do you guys draw inspiration from?

x Navia


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