Payday Wish List

It’s that time of month again!!! Payday is here and it’s time to break out those extensive wish lists and get to shopping! So in honor of this great moment I’ve whipped out mine and decided to share it with you all! What are you all obsessing over this Spring?

NastyGal Wishlist Dress

1. So this American Retro Stephanie Leather Dress from Nasty Gal is on the top of my wish list and although it is WAYYYY out of my budget a girl can dream 🙂

NastyGal Wishlist Shoes 1

2. These Jeffrey Campbell Winifred Knee-High Leather Boots are from Nasty Gal and once again I fell in love with their retro appeal. Still out of my price range, but once a dreamer, always a dreamer, ha.

NastyGal Wishlist Sunnies

3. Now these are within my price range! I promise this is the last thing from Nasty Gal, but I really love these gorgeous Let’s Be Clear Cat-Eye Shades.

Romwe Ripped Jeans

4. I found these Ripped Pockets Black Denim Pants from Romwe when I was going through my monthly search to find a good pair of jeans. Usually it is extremely hard for me to find anything, but I recently purchased a pair of shorts from here that fit me better than any I have ever tried on. So I figured these would be a top purchase as they are exactly what I’ve had in mind.

UrbanOutfitters Wishlist Tanks

5. I’ve been looking for a cute tank top that I could be worn universally, so when I stumbled across this cute and basic tank at Urban Outfitters. The best part is that it comes in so many colors! This Urban Renewal Recycled Trimmed Tank Top is definitely worth checking out 🙂


I hope you all like my wishlist as much as I do!

x Navia

ps. Sorry I haven’t posted any outfits recently, but I haven’t had someone to shoot for me as it is a very busy time for many. But don’t worry since I’ve found a proper solution and ordered a tripod for my independent shooting 🙂 I promise by the end of next month you all will be sick of my posts as I will be shooting loads and loads of outfits!


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