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Motel Rocks

Forever 21

Motel Rocks

DRESS | Motel Rocks – JACKET | Forever 21 (similar here) – BOOTS | Romwe (similar here)


I did it! I finally remembered to post on a Wednesday! Anyways, I am writing this post to you all from the comfort of my room while basically dying of a heat stroke as it is extremely hot here in Jacksonville, Florida. I’ve got my cute little fan from Target to cool me down, so that I can focus on this short post for your sakes 🙂

Aside from my dramatic complaints, this outfit is the clear focal point of this post, so lets get on with it. This look was such a hassle to shoot as I was losing daylight and had to rush out before it got to shadowed for photo-ops. But once again, I managed to whip out a couple shots which I have edited in various ways for the sake of it 😉 You might recall this dress from a couple months ago when I wore it to my Senior Homecoming, as I loved the Asian inspired look that it had. For a while now I have been wanting to wear it again and style it differently, more casual and night-life centered. This being said I traded in my strappy pumps for a pair of chunky boots and maroon socks that peek just above my boots. When I wore this to Homecoming it was warm enough for me to go without a jacket, but since I need my leather jacket the way one needs water, I decided why not add this classic beauty. I accessorized with a simple black belt to accentuate my nonexistent waist and my little black purse which I have started to carry as if it were a clutch. I love how simple this outfit was to put together, yet it maintains a fun edge to it!

I have some exciting news coming up in my next post on Sunday so be sure to stay tuned!

x Navia


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Amazing outfit. I love your dress.

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne

    1. Navia Jordan says:

      Thank you so much Jennifer!

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