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Today I’ve decided that I was going to try something a little different and post my dream living. As I get ready to reach a new chapter in my life (college) I, of course, look ahead and dream of my aspirations. So for this post I have presented you all with decor for apartment living, apartment styles, clothing (of course as this IS a fashion blog), and location (which you can guess is New York). Although many may say it is unrealistic to do such things and think that they might achieve exactly what they want, there is absolutely no harm in searching for what your yearning after. As of recent one of my viewers via email asked me where I see myself in 5-10 years and at first I listed off the norm core, by the book, answers, but after a lot of thought I decided that my life is not like any other and will always be unique to who I am and what I do.

Where do I see my self in 5-10 years?

Well my answer will probably be extensive, but in 5 years (I have no clue about 10… I just have no answer haha) I see myself done with college and working on my transition into city living (who knows maybe apartments will be cheaper in NY). If you know me well you know that my entire life I have dreamed of living in NY and working in fashion. When I was younger I didn’t quite know what I wanted to do, but as I get ready to go into University I have narrowed down my major to Communication studies, then from there I aspire to work in Fashion Public Relations. I have always been seriously into fashion, but I knew design and marketing wasn’t entirely what I wanted so I did loads of research and came up with the perfect profession for me. In 5 years I think I will hopefully living in a New York apartment with XYZ amount of roommates in Brooklyn or Manhattan. Lord knows those apartments are as expensive as ever 🙂 but I’ll make do and have it figured out by then (I think…) Will I be blogging in 5 years? As much as I want to say yes, I have no idea as to whether this blog will be around, but I hope it will be. Although I blog very seldom (Sunday and Wednesday) it has become a sort of public fashion journal that I really have enjoyed. Sharing with you all is better than anything and I love doing it, so in 5 years I sure hope this blog is up and running and more than anything, improving. Oh, and I forgot successful… But that’s king of a no-brainer because nobody wants to fail in life, even though it is a part of life and it will forever be there. But I think that’s it for me in time.

Like everyone, I can only pray that my future is bright! And I hope the same for you all! x


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