70s Vibe | Part Two


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DRESS | Michael Kors (similar here) – BOOTIES | Forever 21 (similar here & here) – TOTE BAG | Street Level via Urban Outfitters (similar here) – SUNNIES | old (similar here)

Happy Sunday! Today I am writing this short post from the comfort of my bed as I am getting my much needed rest before the craziness I will endure in the week ahead of me. This past week was Spring Break for some of us so I was fortunate enough to have a very chill and lax week to do basically nothing but work out and plan for upcoming posts on this so-called blog that I love. Hopefully you all enjoyed your week as much as I did, but lets get on with this post as I promised it to be short. This outfit doesn’t seem like much as it is colorful and spring-like, I just loved how I felt when wearing it. I feel as if this outfit was perfect for a vacation dinner as it is light and airy, but maintains a certain degree of sophistication. When pairing i decided that boots were the way to go, and not just any pair, but something within the color scheme of this dress and well what’s better than this red, velvety, shade of burgundy? I’ll tell you what: NOTHING! These shoes were a dream come true when I purchased them and every now and then they come out and stomp around. To finish off this look I grabbed my leather and fringe tote to include since it complimented the shoes.

Let me know what you all think! Over and out 🙂

PS I’m super excited to share with you an opportunity that I was recently blessed with in Wednesday’s post, so stay tuned to here more about it! x


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  1. My idea of 70’s are always grumpy,this outfit is amazing Navia,I’m in love with your boots.keep rocking!

    1. Navia Jordan says:

      Thanks lovely! I’ve always had an interest for the 70s, but recently decided to incorporate my passion into my every day looks.
      x Navia

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