70s Vibe | Part One

70s Fashion 1

70s Fashion 2

70s Fashion 3

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BASE TOP | Forever 21 (similar here) – LAYERED TOP | Forever 21 (similar here)- CULOTTES | old (similar here) – SHOES | Forever 21 (similar here) – SUNNIES & JEWELRY | Forever 21 (similar here, here & here)

Welcome to the 70s!!! Really imagine this in my best singing voice as I’m sure it is much better like that… Or not. I’ve probably mentioned this next to a thousand time, but here’s a thousand and one: the 70s are making a comeback and I am HEAD OVER HEELS for this revival. By the time a new trend comes around you all will be tired of me and my 70s inspired outfits (and keep in mind the title of this post is only part one of my obsession). To aggravate you all further I am going to get into what this post is actually about: my outfit. So for this shoot I decided that I was going to do a little throwback and share with you all an outfit that is different from my norm, but maintains my attitude. I’ve never worn culottes before, but my mum and I were recently cleaning out her closet and discovered her clothes from days past. Oh! The things we found 🙂 Anyways, when digging through her many drawers and hangers I came across this pair of culottes and was so very excited as I have been searching for a pair that would fit my small frame and not look ridiculously baggy. Although these do not fit the same length as the average pair of culottes, I still like the way these sit. As Spring blooms and the weather changes I have been finding prime transitional pieces that will roll me through to toastier days. Thus far, this light blazer-esque top in which I have worn many times. I’m not quite sure if it has made it onto my blog, but you will definitely be seeing more of it in the future. I decided to tie it up as it is quite long and I preferred not to have the loose on baggy look. The base top I chose, believe it or not, features the Ramones (a band that began in the 1970s). You all have seen this top plenty in past posts as I always love the way it frames my shoulders which are as broad as ever with my athletic body type. These shoes! For the longest time I have been in search for the perfect platform shoe that would give me much needed height, as well as a solid wear that can translate into my different ensembles. I love the detail that this shoe provides with its strappy cutouts, they actually remind me of Catholic school girl shoes. I plan to style these oxfords with whimsical socks and much, much more. OK, I’m almost done! But to finish this look off I added a statement necklace that came low enough to reach the V of my layered top, but high enough to maintain the outfits simplicity.

Alright, now that I’ve taken up a good 15 minutes of your time for this extensive post, I am releasing you all to go about your daily lives. Ciao!

PS You may notice that I’m slightly awkward in these shots, but they seemingly capture my personality better than anything I have ever shot 🙂 so enjoy!


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