Fall Wishlists.

Fall Wishlist One

Fall Wishlist TwoFall Wishlist Four

Fall Wishlist Three


I thought it would be a super amazing idea to do a Polyvore Fall Wishlist series and put together a couple of gorgeous outfits in the mix.

1. The first set is absolutely my favorite, as all of the pieces are simple, yet go together so well. I really love the faux fur jacket, especially how it has panels that add a glam look to this boxy cut coat. Although the coat is slightly dressy, the denim shorts, black tee, and chelsea boots make the look more casual and are great for that fluctuating fall weather.

2. The second set is really for those colder fall days that I live for. Once again, I love the faux fur coat, since it has this amazing two-toned shag look. Also, I’ve always wanted to get a fedora that was other than black (as we all know I am OBSESSED with the color). I decided that this interesting blue-grey color is the one to choose. And to drive the look to perfection, the plaid top that I’ve chosen is great to go with these River Island mom jeans and, of course, the faux fur jacket.

3. The third outfit was inspired by a total bohemian phene. I’ve always enjoyed the colors of fall, and although I only created this third set for fun it is definitely one of my favorites. I don’t know about you all, but I love how oversized sweaters and printed bell bottoms look. Especially when they are paired with suede boots, either tan or black, and a bowler hat. Sadly, I’m super tiny, 5’2, so it is crazy hard to find bells that fit my petite size. Oh well, I love them all the same!

4. This last set is full of items that I’ve been looking to buy. With the temperature dropping I have been in desperate need of a new leather jacket. I’ve also needed to stock up on turtlenecks (which are my latest fixation). The accessories in this set are amazing! I love the studs on the bag and well, of course, the color. Just everything in this set is absolutely devine!

I can’t wait to put more sets together and share them with you all! I hope you all loved them, and I would love to get feedback from you all!


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  1. faeriepuff says:

    Hi there, thank you so much for dropping by at my blog, http://www.puffingcolors.wordpress.com. Dropping by to say hi, and thought to follow your blog. You look gorgeous and looking forward for more of your posts. See yah

    1. Navia Jordan says:

      Thank you so much!


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