DressMotel Rocks via ASOS | Shoes – Forever 21 (similar here and here)


Finally! I’ve been wanting this dress for ages and finally I decided to make my first buy, marking my first Motel Rocks purchase. I’ve always loved their clothes, but never found time to buy anything, so recently I decided that for my schools Homecoming dance I would wear one of their pieces. So I chose this gorgeous Tokyo inspired dress. I love the floral print that surrounds the body of this dress, as it brings a cultural feel to the ensemble. The texture is different than I was expecting, but I love it all the same 🙂 This is definitely the first of MANY more purchases to come! I decided to keep my shoes casual and, well, minimalistic. I thought my feet would be killing me by the end of the night, but surprisingly they weren’t nearly as bad as I thought. Anyways, stay tuned for my next post; I plan on having photographs (maybe videos) of my surroundings and more!

Btw, Homecoming was super fun and a great event! I’m so glad I decided to go, considering this was my last ever chance!


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