Happy Birthday!


It’s finally my birthday!!! (And I know this is SUPER late, but whatevs)


So to start, my normal fashion post!





This outfit is awesome! I have a serious fetish with high neck tops, especially since they look super good with my extremely broad shoulders. The cape I added gave it a slight fall flair (at least for Florida) and I loved how light and comfy it felt. As per usual I wore my T.U.K. creepers and this time I wore these really cool tribal stripe socks from Forever 21. I love how they looked with the burgundy in my top. Basically, I simply love this outfit. 🙂


Throwback time!!




I wanted to share a couple of pictures of me from the last couple of years, from kindergarten to my sophomore year homecoming. And boy have I come a long way; I’m so grateful for everything that has gone on in my life and I’m supes excited for more to come!!



For my birthday today I decided that it would be best to have a “low-key party”, which basically consisted of me and a friend going to the movies to see an awesome movie (The Maze Runner), featuring an awesome dude (Dylan O’Brien). And must I say, IT WAS AMAZING!


This is my cray cray friend and I had such a great time!

So that concludes my picture filled “NAVIA’S BIRTHDAY” post; I love you all!

And thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes!!! 🙂



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