Fall is nearly here and with all the stores setting up for the new fall fashion, I’m starting to get super psyched! We all know I live in Florida where fall weather doesn’t actually exist till late October, but that doesn’t mean I can’t dress for it. So I’ve been getting into my fall wardrobe (as best as I can with this 100 degree weather) and I really can’t wait to share it with you all.






This will most likely be the last post of August, but September is going to be plenty of fun, especially considering that I shouldn’t have a heavy workload.

When I photographed this “fall” outfit it was ranging from 90 to 100 degrees outside, so you can definitely look forward to seeing outfits similar to this (basically they will involve a lot of knits, but short sleeves and light layering). I finally took a picture of my rings and these are some of my long time favorites; I have really had these forever and I wear them nearly every day. (Oh, and ignore my ugly, unpainted nails… I actually got them done later that day).

I didn’t actually zoom in on them, but I actually started making my own charm chokers and I’m going choker crazy. I have made so many in such a little amount of time that I can seriously see why people have been selling them. In addition to this, I also am wearing my favorite tattoo choker and I wear it whenever I can.

I can’t wait to show you all my wardrobe over the next couple of months! Hope you all have a great week!!


Knit top – Forever 21

Figure Skater dress – American Apparel

Shoes – vintage

Sunnies – H&M

Rings – assorted


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