This was really just an outfit that I was dying to get out there and it seemed perfect for lunch dates and cute afternoon appointments with my girlfriends and such. For some reason I kept picturing this oversized tee over this midi dress and BAM! that was the end of it for me. So I really just wanted to share this quick post with you all (and by the way sorry for the ugly background, lol, I was just wayyy to excited to post this outfit and I didn’t want to waddle into the grass). Anyways, this oversized tee that I featured in my last travel post is awesome! When I saw “NO WAY” in giant bold letters I knew this shirt was for me; I basically fell in love. Also, since it’s almost fall I decided I was going to take a peek into what I was going to be wearing for the next few months. I’ve always loved fall and winter, so when I finally got to add a couple layers, I was so excited. My favorite part about this outfit are the different levels that these layers play up; the length of the midi, the oversized tee, and the denim and leather jacket (which is one of the bases of my wardrobe, as I love leather and denim pieces).

Alright, so school starts next week and I look forward to posting my back to school outfit!

P.S. This outfit may be one of them.

Jacket – Forever 21

Oversized tee – Forever 21

Midi dress – H&M

Sunnies – Forever 21

Shoes – old

Jewelry – assorted


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