A couple of weeks ago I took a trip up north to visit my family and take a quick peek into my future. While I was up there I got to see more of New York and it definitely made me want to live there even more; I also went to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and well it is beautiful. I loved just about everything I saw and am really ready to embrace the city life style 🙂

I decided it would be fun to share with you all the things I experienced while in New York, Philly, and New Jersey.

The pictures above are mainly from Brooklyn and Queens, New York. I really didn’t want anything that was over the top, but just to capture my surroundings. Most of the outfit pictures were taken from different locations, such as the hotel that I was staying in that had a beautiful view of Brooklyn, and the giant church that my cousins party was held at. I absolutely enjoyed my trip and I’m most definitely looking forward to going again!

Ta ta for now!


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