I finally made my way into Zara on my trip to New York a couple weeks ago, and let me tell you, I WAS OBSESSED! There were so many different styles to choose from and I loved a lot of them. While I was in there I found this gorgeous lime green halter top that has a super low back and gold trim around the collar. I love it!

I talked about these jeans a ton in my fashion haul post, so if you would like to find out where they are from, check that out.The cape that I’m wearing is actually something that I’ve been dreaming about for months now, so I eventually went on a wild search for one and well… Here it is. My favorite thing about this cape is how insanely light weight it is considering that it is long sleeve. I didn’t accessorize much aside from the tan-ish belt that I added and some gold earrings. I like that this outfit is a bit different from my norm, simply because it is lacking my “all black everything” attitude and style, lol.

That’s all for now, thanks for tuning in!

Oh, and sorry for the crap quality pictures; my camera was dead so I had to use my iPhone for the shots!

Anyways, byeee 🙂


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