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These are the first pics that I’ve taken with my camera and I must say I’m actually surprised by how they turned out, as I have not used my camera in years. I took these in my backyard by the old garden and I definitely love how refreshing they all look, so I will most likely be using this backdrop more often.

Aside from camera excitement, this outfit features one of my favorite pieces: my Ramones cropped halter. I know that I posted an outfit containing this same piece, but they were actually taken months apart. I love this outfit simply because of how relaxed and casual it is. Normally, I would throw on a simple all black outfit, but for some crazy reason I’m attempting to break this habit. So I decided to break up the plain coloring and go for some bright red high waisted shorts (which have also been featured on my blog, but were taken months in advance). Surprisingly, I wore my converses which I don’t do very often, as I plan on buying  a couple more pairs. This outfit did not really consist of jewelry, except for the simple cross studs that I always wear and my 90s choker.

So to give a few updates about what will be going on in the next few weeks: This weekend I plan on shooting a couple of outfits and doing a fashion haul video, or maybe pictures, as I have yet to decide. I have quite a few outfits that I’m super excited to put together and share with you all so stay tuned for those. Also, in about two weeks I will be on holiday from my busy life and will get to do something that I seldom get to do, THRIFTING! I cannot wait to go to some of the local thrift stores here in Florida to see what I can find. I’m hoping that there will be plenty of cut-able jeans and extremely adorable summer tops (hopefully halters… I have a slight obsession), but who knows what I will find. After that, I will post my second haul post and from then on I should be posting on a regular basis.

That’s all for today! Stay tuned for more!

Ramones Crop Top – Forever 21

Cardigan – Old

Shorts – Old

Shoes – Converses

Accessories – Limited (choker is from Amazon)


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