I haven’t posted in about a week because I’ve been adamant about finding my camera and finally being able to take quality pictures. So to inform you all of upcoming events I have constructed this quick post with a few details about what is coming soon.

First off, I found my camera! I actually shot a few pics and OMG they turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. Although I’m going to be a little busy this week I think I will be able to manage a couple of posts. I’m planning on posting an outfit post, as well as, a fashion haul; as I went shopping this weekend and I bought tons of adorable pieces that I can’t wait to show everyone.

Second, as I may or may not have mentioned in one of my recent posts, I have been experimenting with different backdrops. I found a few places that I am absolutely dying to try out so hopefully you all will be as excited as I am!

That’s all for now; stay tuned for more!!


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